Parker EZ-Lok Seals Reduce Downtime

Parker EZ-Lok Seals Speed Install, Reduce Downtime

Your business relies on keeping its equipment running to get the job done. There is no room in your schedule for leaky seals, stretched-out o-rings, and re-working installations. Parker’s EZ-Lok seals are designed to work in applications with dovetail or undercut grooves, to ensure that the seal mounts without twisting or elongating, and seats properly the first time, every time.

EZ-Lok seals are specially manufactured with tiny protrusions, evenly spaced along the inside and outside edges, giving a visual confirmation that the ring is both straight and un-stretched. Once the o-ring is seated in the groove, the protrusions flatten out, and don’t interfere with the precision seal.

Time is Money

Every minute your equipment is out of commission, is a minute you’re paying an operator not to work. Whether you’re doing routine maintenance or emergency field repairs, you need that machine back in operation fast. When your mechanics are in a hurry, it’s easy to twist an o-ring or stretch it out trying to get it into the groove. In the best case, they’ll notice right away, waste the brand new seal that is now ruined, and install another. In the worst case, your crew will notice there’s a problem after the equipment is back in service and starts to leak. Now, you’ve got a machine performing poorly, more downtime, and possibly even bigger repairs to undertake.

Engineered for Success

The engineers at Parker Seals heard these accounts over and over from customers, and began researching a solution. The result is a simple, patented design: the EZ-Lok seal. The protrusions molded into the inner and outer edges of the seal give a simple, effective way to tell at a glance that the seal is in straight, and because the protrusions are evenly spaced, it’s also obvious when the seal is elongated or pinched. EZ-Lok seals are designed to seat right the first time, get your equipment back in action, and let your mechanics move on to the next project. Maximum efficiency is maximum profit.

The Right Material for Your Application

EZ-Lok seals are manufactured for stock in thermoplastic elastomers (TPU, TPR), and, for dynamic applications, in PTFE and rubber. The seals can also be custom-molded in made-to-order compounds, for specialized applications like optical and medical equipment. These are synthesized in a clean room environment for superior quality and safety.

A Simple Change for the Better

Sometimes, a small change can make a big difference. Switching to Parker EZ-Lok seals for your equipment with dovetail or undercut grooves will improve your operation’s efficiency, and reduce costs in waste, downtime, and labor. Performance Seals is an authorized Parker distributor, and offers the full line of Parker seals; whatever application your business has for o-rings, Performance Seals has the right solution. Speak to a knowledgeable representative or request a quote from Performance Seals today.

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