Parker Seals Perform In Solar Power Applications

Find Durable Gaskets And Seals For The Solar Power Industry

Solar power offers both homeowners and businesses an excellent way to save on utility bills and use resources more efficiently by collecting and repurchasing the sun's energy. Getting the most from this exciting technology requires well designed and built solar collectors and safe, correct, and durable installation of solar heating systems on the rooftop or on the ground. Both the building and the installation of solar equipment utilize a variety of gaskets and seals.

Use High Quality Seals That Meet Industry Standards

When installing the panel on a roof, wall, or ground location, the seals used in this process must be built for performance and comply with requirements from several regulatory bodies. For example,

  • ASTM, a standards body that tests materials, has many specifications that cover O-rings and seals including ASTM D3903-15 for rubber seals used in air heat transport of solar energy systems, which applies to ducts and damper seals, and ASTM D3667 and D3771 for seals designed for the solar collector. These ensure that the materials will adequately meet the challenges of long-term service.
  • UL (Underwriters Laboratories) has standards that cover formed gaskets and seals under its category number JMLU2, which covers properties such as tensile strength, tensile set, compression set, elongation, low temperature, and hardness, production, and retention of the properties after aging. Sheet gaskets are covered under JMST2, while certain O-rings, shaft seals, and more are covered under JOHX2.

Performance Characteristics For Seals Used In The Solar Power Industry

Some of the seals needed for solar projects which are covered by the various standards include:

  • Non-outgassing profile gaskets for around glazing
  • Weatherproof molded seals or grommets for connection points around hoses or cables
  • Dynamic seals, profiles, and molded parts made of high-tech materials optimized for performance
  • Flat gaskets, O-rings, and custom molded seals using installation
  • Seals for peripheral equipment such as pumps, storage tanks, heat exchangers, controllers, and fittings

Contact Performance Seals For Quality Parker O-Rings And Seals

When considering seals, gaskets, and O-rings for your solar power application, Performance Seals offers stock and custom products needed for the manufacturing and installation. With handy Parker O-ring sizing charts, catalogs, and spec sheets, you can determine just what you need for precision sizing and longer gasket life. Need advice on what to order? An experienced technical support staff can help you find gaskets and seals made of the high-tech material you require. It will come to you in a code labeled, heat sealed bag that makes for easy use and an even easier inventory management. Click here for a catalog or contact us via our website.

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