Parker Diamond Seals Perform Under Pressure

Parker Diamond Seals Perform Under Pressure

Parker Diamond seals are designed to give high sealing pressure in applications with a narrow, molded or machined groove. Even when the mating surfaces are less than ideal, Diamond seals prevent micro-leakage that you may have written off as permeation while using an inferior seal.

A Tight Squeeze Without the Creep

In designs where space is a consideration, Diamond seals are an excellent solution because of their small footprint and narrow cross-section. There’s plenty of room for other system components because Diamond seals don’t require a huge, flat surface to make a robust seal. Unlike standard seals, Diamond Seals are engineered to compensate for slight variations in the mating surfaces, due to molding and machining tolerances, or wear.

Since they can function at significantly lower loads than basic seals, gasket creep is drastically reduced. Even on a less-than-perfect surface, you’ll get a solid seal. Because the Parker patented design is self-retaining, and with its "press-in-place" technology, you’ll get a premium seal in less time, every time.

Pinch Pennies, Not Seals

Parker’s molded Diamond seals are designed to do the most work with the least material, which ultimately saves you money. With fast, simplified installation, you’ll save on labor. Thanks to high sealing pressures, your equipment will spend more time running at peak efficiency, and less time in the shop for repairs and maintenance. With less leakage, your mechanics will spend less time scraping and cleaning surfaces, which also reduces the wear and tear on your components. Fewer failures means fewer warranty repairs, and more reliable products means your customers will be back for more of your products, and making more referrals.

Dependable Performance, Flexible Application

Diamond seals are currently used in a wide variety of applications, from motorcycle fuel distribution systems to portable dialysis equipment, fuel cells, RFID enclosures, and diesel engines. Diamond seals are available is nearly every compound Parker makes, so you know you can find your perfect balance between chemical resistance, thermal performance, seal load, and regulatory compliance.

Whether you need manifold seals, cover seals, or some other kind of face seals, if the seal you need isn’t already in production, Parker can design one specifically for your needs. With optional retaining ribs, Diamond Seals will stand up to the rigors of assembly line conditions and shipping assembled units, with no slippage or loss of performance.

Seal Solutions Made Simple

Put an end to time wasted in assembly and installation re-work, wasted materials, warranty work, and angry customer calls. Increase your product quality and reliability, assembly efficiency, and customer satisfaction by trading up to Diamond seals for a more profitable and successful business. Performance Seals is an authorized distributor of the full line of Parker Seals. Contact a representative to learn how Parker’s Diamond seals and other premium gasket products can help streamline your business operations and boost your product’s reputation. You can also request a quote online.

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