Parker O-Ring Kits: First Aid For Your Equipment


Parker O-Ring Kits Are First-Aid for Your Equipment

They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. You keep first-aid kits on hand in case something unexpected happens to one of your people. But what if some unexpected thing happens to your equipment or product? Will it be a minor bump in the road or a major hassle? That depends on your preparation.

Expect the Unexpected

Whether you’re an operator, a manufacturer, or a repair shop, someday, you’re going to find yourself missing an o-ring that you need right now. You’re diligent in managing your inventory, and it’s obviously not cost effective to keep a large inventory of every part you may potentially need on hand at all times. But life, especially where it involves machinery, is full of surprises. And, just like that first-aid kit ensures that you have solutions for the most commonly experienced mishaps for humans, a well-designed o-ring kit keeps your business running smoothly.

Perhaps you get more warranty work than expected, maybe there’s a manufacturing issue that causes excess waste, maybe there’s a blizzard that delays your shipment from your supplier. Whatever the reason, you’re going to be left in a holding pattern if you don’t have a backup supply to tide you over. If an o-ring fails in the field, having a kit on the equipment may make the difference between a quick repair and a lost day.

Stack the Odds in Your Favor

Parker offers standard assortment kits of 0-rings in metric and SAE sizes, in nitrile (NBR) or fluorocarbon (FKM). Each standard kit includes assorted sizes of O-rings, for a total of about 500 pieces, depending on the kit. The compact kits are housed in a durable box, neatly organized and labeled, to speed you through urgent situations.

  • Kit #1 – Supports most American-built equipment, and contains 30 of the commonly needed o-ring sizes.
  • Boss Seal Kit – Designed with hydraulic fittings in mind. The Boss Seal Kit includes all 20 standard tube fitting seals, for tube opening diameters ranging from 3/32" to 2".
  • Metric Kit #1 – Supports equipment made overseas, and contains 32 of the most commonly used metric-sized o-rings.


The standard kit and metric kit feature 70-durometer nitrile, which is compatible with petroleum grease and oil, hydraulic fluid at temperatures up to 250°F, and water glycol hydraulic fluid up to 120°F

The Boss Seal Kit includes o-rings made of 90-durometer nitrile, compatible with higher pressure systems. This kit can be upgraded to FKM material for more demanding applications.

If you’re working with specialty applications, Parker can build custom o-ring kits for your shop’s specific needs, and custom kits designed to ride along with your equipment in the field. With a huge range of materials to choose from, and endless sizing options, it’s easy to ensure that you’ve always got the right o-ring on hand.

Premium Product, Superior Service

Performance Seals is an authorized distributor of Parker seals, and with more than 30 years of industry experience, we're uniquely qualified to help you select or design exactly the right o-ring kits for your business. Call today to learn more about saving time and money with Parker o-ring kits, or request a quote online.

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